Healing Trauma Workshop

Trauma Counselling

Koro Island participants of the Healing Trauma Workshop

Koro Island participants of the Healing Trauma Workshop

The evidence of shock and trauma among the people was the constant discussion in our team debriefings after we had delivered aid and assistance into villages and communities. In response, Don Goulding and Jill Schultz, prepared a 3-hour 'Healing Trauma Workshop' which was has been conducted to our first participants, who were all from one devastated village on Koro Island.

53 people came together to participate in the Healing Trauma workshop. These wonderful people were survivors had been relocated to Suva after there village was demolished. Their stories of the night of survival were incredible, inspiring and humbling. Families said goodbye to each other as the 300kmh+ winds tore buildings apart, and storm surges filled the same homes and escape routes with sea water. Our time with these men. women and children was powerful - we learnt much from each other!

Other affected villages and communities are now asking for this workshop and the Operation Foundation team is moving in response. To maximise the impact we have developed a booklet which has now been translated into Fijian and we are training additional local volunteers.

It is a privilege to work together, at a time like this, in a restoration ministry.