SOSF Class 34

This group of men completing the StepOut-StepFree journey are known for their youthful enthusiasm. What an tremendous experience it has been in leading these 18 young lives.

We shared with you an early invitation to pray for these men and how necessary and powerful that has been. These men have stayed the course and opened their lives and hearts to new understanding.

Each class spends a portion of each day singing together, a simple act but one that becomes a barometer for what is beginning to take place. This class began as 18 separate voices but over the days they began to sing together, harmonise together and listen to each other. More importantly their singing moved to become an act of worship.

The joy begins in the 'light goes on' moments, where each of the men finds a revelation of personal truth that allows for deep insight, reflection, godly sorrow that leads to salvation. It is these moments interspersed throughout the journey that provide the momentum and build community.

The collective investment in each StepOut-StepFree class is significant. Financially each class runs to around $1000 however it is the spiritual and emotional investment where the benefit to the team becomes incalculable. Sharing life on life, listening, sharing burden, entering grief, remaining vulnerable, hours quietly spent in prayer, maintaining focus while allowing the spirit of God freedom to change the day's plan.

It is in these areas that the integrity of the team and their commitment to Godly restoration becomes our greatest human asset.

These men graduate this Friday, an important milestone in their journey. We trust that these photo's will encourage you further in prayer.