Dear God...

The StepOut-StepFree class in Nasinu Prison (Class 34) have journeyed through a wonderful first week. Eighteen young men together in one classroom facing the challenges presented by the lives they have lived so far. 

The last session of our first week was 'Writing Your Lament to God'. A powerful session in the permission that it gives to inmates to be real, raw and open, with themselves and God.

The heads were all down, the room quite and we waited and prayed. After 20 minutes I asked if anyone was willing to share their lament. After a pause the first young man read his and then another young man and then another. 

The power of the first young man's words reverberated around the room. They were his words alone but we all shared in the experience, the rawness, the question! 

The writer of this particular lament, in our combined silence after listening, asked - 'Bro Peter, will God really hear my lament?' Read these heartfelt words and pray for these eighteen young men as they wrestle in the understanding of themselves, their past and a loving God.

Peter Schultz